ISLE Overseas Promotion Team 14th Station - Russia

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On the eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival on September 20-23, the ISLE overseas promotion team promoted the thirteenth overseas station in a romantic Turkey.


The Russian International Advertising Signage Industry Exhibition (REKLAMA) was founded in 1997 and is a long-standing and large-scale exhibition in Russia. Exhibits include: advertising equipment, advertising consumables and materials, signage signs, advertising images, etc.


ISLE has cooperated with many well-known Russian trade associations, including Russia's largest communication industry association. The association has been established for 25 years, and its subsidiaries include advertising, audio-visual, media, internet, public transportation and advertising media.

The Russian side is very much looking forward to meeting more excellent advertising signs and LED companies through the exhibition, and has expressed a high degree of recognition for “China Zhizhuang”: the leading technology, rich choices and high cost performance.


The ISLE promotion team actively promoted and patiently introduced friends from Russia and neighboring countries to know about our exhibition and understand the value and advantages of the platform.

On the way to attract investment, we are not only committed to enhancing the awareness of the exhibition, but also to promote the influence of the spread of the exhibitor brand, allowing the company to obtain more accurate buyer resources and high conversion rate orders.

ISLE has reached a preliminary cooperation consensus with a number of local media to jointly develop ISLE's international reputation and build a blueprint for future development.

After learning about ISLE, several media executives said that ISLE's vision is exactly what their audience needs. Local companies have always hoped to understand China's market through a strong advertising signage platform.


Subsequently, many media expressed their willingness to share their own resources with ISLE, and will organize their member units and readers (such as advertising companies, media companies, etc.) to participate in ISLE exhibitions, bringing more high-quality buyers to the exhibition. .

Walking at the forefront of the advertising and signage industry, ISLE is fully committed to "war" for you. Every time you go out, it is for your better "debut", March 3-6, 2019, ISLE see!

March 3-6, 2019 • Zone B of the Canton Fair



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