ISLE Overseas Promotion Team 14th Station - Russia (Part 2)

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On the eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival on September 20-23, the ISLE overseas promotion team promoted the thirteenth overseas station in a romantic Turkey.

The Russian advertising signage exhibition has just closed, but the ISLE promotion is still going on. And look at the "front line teammates" brought a big wave of surprises! 


This trip to ISLE visited a number of government agencies, strength associations and well-known media to find new opportunities for the supply and demand market of both China and Russia.

On September 27th, the organizers of ISLE met with the heads of Russian government agencies. The two sides exchanged views on the prospects of Sino-Russian trade market and exchanged in depth: To jointly solve the trade problems between Chinese and Russian enterprises, strengthen mutual propaganda and cooperation. Enterprises provide more market opportunities.

By visiting a number of well-known local media and strength associations, the “front line teammates” of the company brought back important “purchasing needs” and the first-hand Russian advertising industry directory.


The organizers of ISLE visited the president of the local exhibition industry association and its business units. In order to make the basic supporting facilities of the pavilion more novel and beautiful, we are looking for a reliable service provider to meet the supporting facilities such as LED products, digital screens, advertising signs and on-site guidance.

ISLE has entered into cooperation with a number of Russian industry associations. The industries covered by readers and member companies include advertising, audiovisual, media, internet, public transportation, advertising media and so on.


China has always been an important procurement market for Russian companies. Many of our star companies have also made great achievements in major international events in Russia, such as Liard and Zhouming. This cooperation has also marked a new footnote for ISLE, which is a milestone for the promotion of “China Zhizhi” into the Russian market.

ISLE has reached a preliminary cooperation consensus with a number of local media to jointly develop ISLE's international reputation and build a grand blueprint for future development.


The Russian side hopes to not only cooperate in propaganda, but also hopes to enrich the industry exchanges between the two countries through resource sharing, and looks forward to meeting more excellent advertising signs and LED companies at ISLE.

Based on the global vision, ISLE is based on the high-quality products and technology advantages of China's advertising logo industry and LED. Through continuous exploration of new channels, embracing new opportunities and opening new ideas, ISLE provides a continuous flow of international business opportunities for enterprises.

March 3-6, 2019 • Zone B of the Canton Fair



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