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AOTO Mini LED Technology

AOTO's new Mini LED technology features smaller LED crystal particles, superior protection and innovative optical design, which will solve the problem as low yield rate of FPP (Fine Pixel Pitch) LED products, easy to get damage. Also it can solve the difficulty of COB products which cannot be repaired on-site, the inconsistent of surface ink color and brightness. In the new development period with obvious characteristics of consumption upgrade and bottleneck being more important, AOTO has always adhered to the technology-driven strategic concept and adhered to the market demand-oriented product upgrade, bringing customers a better experience of the display effect. Compared to other products on the market, it has the following advantages:

1. The size of LED particles is below 100μm or even smaller, with 4-in-1 packaging technology, the new products are steady, rugged and could be maintained on-site. It also tackles the problem of COB products lack of uniformity, which announces that the LED display is now entering the New Era.


2.Creative mini surface light source design effectively reduced granular sensation, highly improved visual performance. Innovative low reflection screen surface with ultra-contrast, the Moiré effect can be greatly optimized.


3. The panel has a stable packing structure and superior airtight performance, the occurrence of deadlights and bulb short circuit is efficiently reduced.


4. The brightness adjustment curve based on human vision was used, and the precise control of the driving voltage of each RGB is adopted which can effectively reduce more than 20% of the power consumption.

5. After more than 5 years of independent research and development, AOTO had applied for nearly 50 global patents in the application of Mini LED technology, now we hold more than 30 patents including the United States, Europe, Japan, China and other countries. At the moment when Mini LED technology is expected to become the next generation of commercial display technology, it has fully grasped the core competitiveness of this technology.



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