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Our company is a global supplier specializing in the development, production and sales of LED display cabinets as one of the best solutions. N

Our company is a global supplier specializing in the development, production and sales of LED display cabinets as one of the best solutions. Novel product design, super high cost performance, high quality product guarantee and perfect service make the products sell well at home and abroad, and have been supporting production for many well-known manufacturers of LED, LCD and laser industries.

UAD LED Cabinet——Small Spacing Full Front Maintenance Die Casting Aluminum cabinet for Public Die Plate


In recent years, the trend of small spacing has not diminished. Small spacing LED display is widely used in high-end conference rooms and command and control centers. The cabinet can be fully pre-maintained. This kind of maintenance method can make small spacing applied in meeting rooms and central control rooms with limited space, and can easily replace LCD, DLP projection and so on.

Full front maintenance cabinet can be mounted on the wall or other places where there is no back maintenance channel. People can quickly remove the module from the front of the screen and repair it with special tools and then install it back. There is no need to maintain the channel in the early stage of installation, which can greatly expand the use space, reduce the cost of decoration, and meet the needs of narrow space or high screen thickness. Later maintenance is convenient, saving manpower and travel costs: no professional engineer, only one user, can be disassembled in front of maintenance, replacement of spare parts.



UAD LED Cabinet——Die Casting Aluminum cabinet of Transparent Screen Die Plate

On February 25, 2018, at the closing ceremony of the 2018 Pingchang Winter Olympic Games, the handover ceremony of the Olympic flag was held. Pandas dance, ice athletes lead the way, suddenly time and space exchange, technology super robots start at the same time... "Beijing 8 Minutes", directed by Zhang Yimou, devotes a magnificent work with modern techniques and thinking, which contains rich Chinese culture and shows the image of China in the new era. The ice screen that shocked the whole audience, that is, the intelligent transparent LED screen, is a new type of transparent LED display screen. It has the characteristics of transparent display, simple application, intelligent control, high brightness and energy saving. In fact, before that, transparent screens have been highlighted in some large-scale activities. New and unique transparent display features, to achieve new, irreplaceable, more extensive commercial applications, leverage a larger media advertising market.

Two transparent screen cabinets of the same model launched by UAD have begun to sell well. The product is light in weight and easy to transport. It can be easily operated by a single person and seamless splicing can be completed. At the same time, rapid disassembly largely solves the labor cost problem of Cool Tiger.


UAD LED Cabinet——Poster Cabinet

At the beginning of the advertising machine's birth, its mission is to change the passive mode of advertising communication and attract customers to browse advertisements actively by means of interaction. And the development direction of advertising machine has been continuing this mission: intelligent interaction, public service, Entertainment Interaction and so on. Ultra-thin LED poster screen can be perfectly presented. The display area is 480 * 1920mm, 512 * 1920mm, 576 * 1920mm, 640 * 1920mm poster screen cabinets, which can reach spot supply and solve the problem of short delivery time for customers.




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