ISLE’s Marketing Efforts in Turkey, the Gateway to Europe and Turkey

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Despite the long distance, ISLE reaches out to the whole world in its global marketing campaign, all for inviting people to come to meet in Guangzhou on its grand show during the Chinese New Year period.

Organized by Marmara Fair Organisation, LED & LED Lighting Exhibition 2015 was held at Istanbul Expo Center (Istanbul Fuar Merkezi - IFM) in October 2015. ISLE attended the exhibition as one of the partners upon invitation, for the purpose of seeking deeper cooperation with the organizer on one hand and taking advantage of the show to strongly promote ISLE for higher awareness in the international market. ISLE global marketing campaign in Turkey was thus launched for reaching more international buyers.

LED screens and luminous characters were the main exhibits on the exhibition, and some of them were from Chinese brands.

ISLE marketing team not only visited all exhibitors, but also communicated with the visitors at the venue, introduced ISLE 2016 to them and invited them to come to Guangzhou for the exhibition as visitors.

The marketing manager of ISLE and Mr. Aysu Ozaydin, the marketing manager of LED & LED Lighting Exhibition, both looked forward to having deeper cooperation in the aspects of leading in visitor groups and marketing exhibition by use of data.

During the stay in Turkey, the marketing manager of ISLE also met Ms. Seda Metin, the overseas marketing manager of Sign Istanbul (an international advertising sign exhibition in Turkey). ISLE will continue its partnership with Sign Istanbul, for building up closer ties through the direct communication in the industry between China and Turkey.

In the coming days, ISLE will continue its global marketing trip, until the grand event in the advertising sign and LED industry is on show at the Canton Fair Complex during February 24-27, 2016.

Please keep an eye on ISLE, a professional platform for information and technology exchange and a one-stop purchasing and trading platform.



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