ISLE Team Making its Promotion in Russia--Market in Eastern Eurpopean

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In November, ISLE Business Invitation Team went a long way to Russia to visit major buyers and make good presentations for ISLE exhibitors.

They went to the suburbs of Moscow in the early morning to visit Screen Agency, an LED screen rental company. The whole wall of certificates of honors was impressive. Screen Agency comes to Guangzhou to buy a certain number of LED screens and relevant parts every year. Our business invitation team members recommended some good exhibitors to Screen Agency with an expectation for further cooperation.

Located on the outskirts northwest of Moscow, Led Premium is a specialized LED lighting company. Alexander, General Manager of the company, happened to go out of the office, but he asked his colleagues to receive us. We made an appointment with him to meet again in ISLE 2016 in Guangzhou.

Escort Group is an LED lighting and equipment rental and sale company with a certain market share in Moscow. The Group is also a frequent visitor to the Canton Fair, so it has a very comprehensive understanding of the LED market in Guangdong and even in the whole China. The Group expressed that it would come to ISLE and really look forward to visiting the sites of production.

Based in Moscow, HD Ledtech is a local LED screen R&D company with its production in Shenzhen China. Since the overseas market manager was not in the office, Mr. Kavli Maxim Vidalivich who was responsible for local Russian market met and had a talk with us.

During our meeting, he mentioned many well-known Chinese enterprises such as Absen, Leyard and Ledman, and he said he had contacted these enterprises and learned something about them already. Although his main focus was in the local market, he and his company was very interested in the Chinese market and made-in-China.

During its tight schedule, ISLE Business Invitation Team also visited many other famous buyers such as Modern Light, Poly Media and Delight 2000. Through this presentation trip, ISLE understands that old buyers of the Sign Expo will come to the exhibition as scheduled, while new buyers also obtain detailed information about the exhibitors and begin to get ready for coming to Guangzhou for a site visit to ISLE in February 2016.

ISLE 2016,  a great business opportunity you cannot miss!



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