Star Exhibitors Shining at ISLE Guangzhou 2016

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The 4-day International Signs & LED Exhibition ("ISLE") Guangzhou 2016 had its grand opening ceremony in the Area B of Canton Fair Complex on February 24th, 2016. In the first two days, total 106,039 local and overseas buyers visited the exhibition.

This exhibition with a gross space of over 100,000 square meters housed around 1,500 exhibitors, including leading enterprises in the LED industry such as Absen, Leyard, Ledman, Lightking, Linsn Technology, Vteam and Qiangli Jucai, and advertising equipment and sign enterprises with proven strength such as Senfeng from Jinan, HP, Tongxing from Anhui, and Aorise. Star exhibitors were shining at ISLE Guangzhou 2016!

Absen (9.2A01): Extremely high definition for perfect clarity even at the closest distance

Absen highlighted its small-pitch series products at this LED exhibition. This series of products features extremely high definition for an ultra-fine display effect, perfectly embodying the new generation of high-definition LED display technology.

An exhibition is not only an important platform for an enterprise to showcase its products, but also an excellent window for it to communicate its corporate culture. Absen has a mascot called Little Bee. At the exhibition, visitors liked the Little Bee mascot so much and were eager to take a photo with it. Absen people are also working hard like bees in the LED industry, with an aim to explore the unlimited business opportunities and achieve a good brand reputation overseas.

Leyard (11.2A03): Creating a wave of enjoying audio and visual effects on LED displays

Obviously, Leyard came with full preparations for this very first show of the year in the industry. By launching its new line of small-pitch LED display products, Leyard wanted to create a wave of enjoying audio and visual effects on LED displays. Throngs of people were attracted by Leyard’s products, such as the 41.5m2 high-definition LED display wall, 108-inch naked-eye 3D LED TV and 162-inch TWA1.8 LED display. The LED display wall, in particular, caught a lot of attention for its high definition, seamless mosaicking, single-spot brightness and chromaticness correction technology, and 16Bit broadcasting-level gray scale image processing.

Ledman Optoelectronic (11.2B01): A forerunner of creative LED displays
Ledman Optoelectronic brought three types of creative LED displays to this exhibition, including strip LED display, flexible LED display and sphere LED display, which could be widely used in large important scenarios such as museum, star-rated hotel, children’s palace, and science center, both in China and in other countries. The sphere LED display adopts the trapezoid route design for seamless mosaicking and a clear display effect without distortion, hence catching the eyes of local and overseas buyers.

CCDL (11.2A07): Creative 3D scenarios

As the only nationally-accredited large display manufacturer in China, Central China Display Laboratories, Ltd. (“CCDL”) exhibited two of its key products, LED 3D school education system and LED naked-eye system, at ISLE, and set up an experience zone at the venue for visitors to experience its products. Visitors who were interested in the products had an in-depth understanding through such demonstration at the exhibition.

Hoozoe Opto (9.2B01): Navigating the future of LED display

Hoozoe Opto was fully prepared for this grand event of the industry and sincerely presented its P10 full-color 246 outdoor product to the buyers at ISLE. This product adopts Macroblock 5120 chipset for higher precision current and better display conformity, and also has other features such as energy conserving, highly efficient, waterproof, damp resistant, and structurally light and thin. The thrilling effect of its exhibit attracted many buyers to stay, pay attention to it, make inquiries and discuss about it.

A promising future belongs to those who have foresights. Market insights guide the road to future! Explore business opportunities by innovation. ISLE is ready to join hands with you in writing a legendary story of the era!



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