Story of Overseas Buyers at ISLE 2016: “Come and share your story”

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In the early spring season, after suddenly getting warmer, the weather turned cold again in Guangzhou. Despite the cold weather, the city became more bustling and people in relevant industry felt warmer as thousands of business people came to attend the International Signs & LED Exhibition ("ISLE") 2016, a grant event for Chinese advertising signs and LED industry of the year, which was held in the Area B of Canton Fair Company. On the first day of ISLE, leading exhibitors and buyers from around the world came together for business opportunities on the same grand stage.

On the second day, the hosts of ISLE assigned their marketing representatives to get close to the overseas buyers and listen to their stories to understand their needs:
“Come and share your story!”


Siraj M Abrar from Manchester, UK is mainly engaged in the import and export trade of LED modules and displays. He already attended ISLE 2015. This year, after receiving the invitation email from the host, he came to ISLE again. Siraj frankly told us that, he was surprised to see the huge progress achieved by ISLE in increasing the number of exhibitors and visitors in 2016, as it was only the second year since inauguration of the exhibition. (We should applaud to ourselves upon hearing this.)


Gustavo Adolfo Ales from Argentina is a manufacturer and distributer specializing in outdoor advertising LED display and advertising signs.

Gustavo has never been to China before. At the end of 2015, he got to know from the internet that the largest LED product distribution center in China was in Shenzhen and Guangzhou where he could find a large number of quality supplier of Chinese LED application products, and he also learned about an overview of ISLE, so he decided to come for the exhibition. For him, this is not only a trip across the Pacific Ocean to another country, but also a meaningful trip to discover business opportunities.


Before the meeting, we thought Desire Magbunduku was the name of a passionate African young man. After communication, we realized he was a gentleman from Belgium. Desire is a dealer of outdoor advertising signs. He had participated in many exhibitions of the same type in China. He came to ISLE upon receipt of both the email and business invitation from the host.


Hossein Sabzi and his business partner Mehran Ahmadi are both Iranian. Both of them wish to buy LED displays and relevant accessories of good values for reasonable prices in the Chinese market. Upon recommendation of the exhibitors and the invitation of the host, they come to ISLE 2016 as visitors and buyers.


Raj Sanjeev from India is a client of Canton Fair for many years. He first got to know ISLE at the Canton Fair 2015 and came to ISLE in February 2016 as scheduled, with an aim to locate some eligible suppliers of outdoor advertising signs from the exhibition. Raj was also quite interested in the “@ISLE_GZ” campaign of the exhibition at the venue. He followed ISLE’s account on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram and took a photo for memory.

Through a whole day of face-to-face in-depth communication with dozens of overseas buyers, we hear favorable comments on ISLE from all of them and we can feel it is the reflection of the advantages of ISLE as an exhibition, such as reasonable and orderly site management, comprehensive and considerate visitor services, a large number of exhibitors and a wide range of products from the industry. These favorable comments will inspire us to further improve our work in event organization, with a commitment to build ISLE as a beacon for the advertising signs and LED industry in the South China region, across China and even throughout the world.

More overseas buyers and more wonderful stories can be found at the International Signs & LED Exhibition Guangzhou, a one-stop buying platform for information and technology exchanges. We are always moving forward.
To sum up, we would like to quote the words from an overseas buyer about our exhibition: “Better ISLE, Better Future!”



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