Feeling the Power of Thinking at the Industry Summit Forum in ISLE 2016

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Thinking can be powerful as it can go beyond time and space and inspire the future. During February 24-26, the hosts of the International Signs & LED Exhibition (“ISLE”) 2016 joined hands with many authoritative organizations in the industry presenting 17 summit forums for the exhibitors and visitors at ISLE to gather their minds, share their viewpoints and have in-depth discussion on the trend. Executives from different enterprises and elites and experts from the sector took active parts in the forums, with the focus on the development of the industry and for the purpose of releasing new products and guiding transformation and upgrading of the industry in 2016.  

Intelligent Manufacturing 2016 · Smart Deployment in LED Industry under the Motivation of Intelligence

Sponsored by Guangdong Research Institute for Development of High Intelligence and Emerging Industry, Guangdong United Innovation Center for Semiconductor and Lighting Industry and the Emerging Industry Strategic Library (WeChat Account), the Forum for Innovation and Development of High Intelligence LED, with “Intelligent Manufacturing 2016·Smart Deployment in LED Industry under the Motivation of Intelligence” as the main theme, provided a space for discussing on the hot issues in the current LED industry, combining the strength of different innovative enterprises and jointly planning strategies for 2016, by means of sharing and brain storming.

Smart “gathering”: gathering and sharing “intelligent manufacturing” in the LED industry, including new products and new technologies;
Smart “views”: expressing new views on the LED industry in 2016 and discussing on smart deployment in the LED industry.

Foreseeing 2016 ? International LED Packaging and Display Technology Forum & LED Display Awards Kick-off Ceremony

Well-known Chinese and foreign experts in the display industry such as Guan Jizhen and leading enterprises and guests are invited to this forum to discuss and exchange ideas on the latest LED display technologies and the trend of market development. Topics covered in this forum include “Status Quo and Development Trend of LED Display in China”, “Hello, Small Displays in 2016”, “Foreseeing 2016 ? Sofa Meeting Introduction Report”, and so on.

Chinese Lease Market Strategy Forum 2016 by Absen

China Lease Market Strategy Forum 2016 was successfully held by Absen at the Conference Room 4, Level C, Area B of the International Signs & LED Exhibition (“ISLE”) Guangzhou in the morning of February 25, 2016. Nearly 100 guests were present at the forum, including big shots from the lease markets in China and media in the industry.

This China Lease Market Strategy Forum served as a vivid class on business development for the industry, as Absen conducted analysis from an objective and neutral standpoint on the bottleneck issues and underlying factors that restrict the development of Chinese lease market.

Mr. Zhang Huabin and Mr. Yang Qinkang, the General Manager of Absen China Business Region and the General Manager of Absen China Hotel Operation Department, both gave a wonderful speech on the past, status quo and future development of the lease market as well as the development of hotel business in China.

As the organizer of this forum, Absen has fully expressed its strategic intent and determination to return to the Chinese lease market.

Sign innovation 2016 Press Conference

Co-organized by Guangdong Sign Industry Association, Shenzhen Sign Industry Association and nearly 20 sign industry associations of municipal and provincial level in China, the Sign innovation 2016 Press Conference was convened at Hall 12.1 in the Area B of Canton Fair Complex. Mr. Zhu Li, the principal of the host of ISLE, and the principal of Japan Sign Design Association, among others, gave their speeches on the stage to open a new chapter for the Sign Innovation 2016.

Innovation in China: LED Display Technologies and Market Development Trend Forum

At the noon of February 26th, a forum in the theme of “Innovation in China: LED Display Technologies and Market Development Trend” was held by Yejibang, a well-known third-party platform for large screen displays in China, at the Conference Room 6 in Area B of Canton Fair Complex. The forum was attended by overseas visitors from Japan, Singapore, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Belgium and Argentina. To meet the theme of “Innovation in China”, Yejibang invited top companies in China’s LED display industry chain that represent the highest level of Chinese manufacturing and technology innovation. Absen, Macroblock, Chipshow, Dongshan Precision, Nationstar, Linsn Technology, Magnimage and Cobtac, total eight companies presented their advantageous technologies and products, showcasing the strength of China in LED display technology innovation.



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