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At the imminence of the Chinese New Year, ISLE came to Dubai, the gem of the Middle East.

Setting out from Guangzhou, the promotional team of International Signs & LED Exhibition ("ISLE") has visited many countries in the world, including India, Thailand, US, Korea, Brazil, Turkey and Russia. At the imminence of the Chinese New Year, ISLE business invitation team came to Dubai, the gem of the Middle East, and also the last stop of its overseas promotion trip.
The 19th SGI Dubai was held at Dubai World Trade Center during January 10-12, 2016. With an exhibition size of total 30000 square meters in 8 exhibition areas, SGI Dubai is the exhibition that boasts the longest history, the largest scale and the strongest influence for the advertising equipment industry in the Middle East.
As a partner of ISLE, the Advertising Sign Industry Association was invited to attend this session of SGI Dubai, where the Association used its best efforts to promote ISLE 2016 and invited guests to come to seize the business opportunities.

Leading brands in the industry were all present at this SGI Dubai, such as FUJIFILM, HP, AGFA, EFI, DURST, ROLAND, MIMAKI, SEIKO, DGI, EPSON, MUTOH and CANON. Many Chinese brands also wished to find their first nugget in the huge market of this petroleum empire.
Local distributors and dealers in Dubai also played important roles. ISLE representatives visited them and presented to them the information about ISLE and its key exhibitors. With utmost sincerity, we are endeavoring to build a bridge for connecting Chinese product suppliers with global buyers and offering business opportunities to both of them.

Besides, ISLE representatives also gave out materials about ISLE to buyers at the venue, introduced ISLE to them and invited them to come to Guangzhou as visitors.

This is the partnership between ISLE and SGI Dubai for the first time. The color advertising page of ISLE 2016 below will be posted on the exhibition magazine of this SGI Dubai.

During February 24-27, 2016, the grand show of International Signs & LED Exhibition will be on stage at Area B of Canton Fair Complex in Guangzhou, a one-stop platform for purchases and exchanges where thousands of businesses gather by the riverside of Pazhou region. We look forward to seeing you soon.



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