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Spring is the season brimming with vigor and vitality On February 15, 2017, International Signs & LED Exhibition

Spring is the season brimming with vigor and vitality. On February 15, 2017, International Signs & LED Exhibition, Guangzhou and International Commercial Display Technology & Application Exhibition, Guangzhou (ISLE) unveiled its curtain at Area B of Canton Fair Complex. The exhibition with a total area of over 100,000m2 brings together around 1600 exhibitors, all of which are leading companies in the industry, and we expect to meet more than 200,000 buyers and visitors from over 100 countries and regions to the exhibition. Nearly 20 professional forums and conferences will be organized and held concurrently with the exhibition.

On the first day of the show, the venue was packed with over 68,000 buyers and visitors, including dozens of buying delegations from Europe, America, Middle East, Asia, Africa and Latin America, as well as the local buying groups in the mainland China. ISLE is no doubt a specialized international exhibition for the industry attracting high attention and high number of participants and creating high values (“3 Highs”).

In the opening day, many forums and events were on stage and the most cutting-edge technologies and products in the advertising signage and LED industry were exhibited in various forms, such as display on large LED screen, joint promotion by different brands and series of summit forum.  

What you can’t miss…(02)

Take a peep on the trend of large LED screen industry earlier through the technical forums and release conferences organized by Yejibang

Yejibang has made its best efforts to build the Pavilion of LED Integrate & Application for ISLE and even design an “Activity Zone” of over 500m2 at the center of the exhibition hall. 

Zhang Qiang, CEO of Yejibang says that they would like to join hands with ISLE in organizing technical forums and release conferences and invite experts and representative manufacturers in the industry to share, exchange and demonstrate leading technologies and trends that may have impacts on the development of the whole industry. Mr. Zhang thinks ISLE is an exhibition that everyone always looks forward to join and wishes to reach closer partnership with ISLE in the future. 

Mr. Zhu, President of Shenzhen Xinguang Chipset Device Co., Ltd. also expresses his recognition and acknowledgment of the platform jointly built by ISLE and Yejibang. He shows that he is willing to provide the most updated and valuable products with other foreign manufacturers to serve overseas buyers and grow together with their clients.

What you can’t miss…(02)

A series of forums on the National Signage Association’s Brands Show 2017 advocate new concepts of “Environmental Protection, Technology, Brand, Innovation”

Guangdong Association of Signage Industry organizes a series of forums on the National Signage Association’s Brands Show 2017 during the exhibition, invites outstanding enterprises to the forums and shares its understanding on the future of the signage industry, all for the purpose of ensuring healthy and sustainable development of the industry. 

The signage industry will evolve into an era of “Environmental Protection, Technology, Brand, Innovation” in the future, and the purpose of this series of forums is to let member units and other enterprises in the signage industry to revisit the status quo and prospects of the industry, said by Wu Song, Vice Chairman of Guangdong Association of Signage Industry. As a friend and partner of ISLE, the Vice Chairman feels surprised and happy about the number and quality of buyers and he expects ISLE to be a better show and wishes to work together with ISLE to promote more quality exhibitors and products to the world. 

What you can’t miss…(03)

Top 10 brand promotion conference is organized by as a platform for manufacturers and buyers to communicate face to face.

Top 10 brand promotion conference is prep



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