Shenzhen Huaxia L&C Display, illuminating the world with its color display

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Established in 2011, Huaxia L&C Display is engaged in production and wholesale of SMD full-color LED products. By being the first to suggest the business model of SMD LED wholesale through sales channels instead of the traditional model of sales per project, Huaxia L&C Display made a big noise in the industry and hence grew up rapidly. With precise positioning and careful marketing, the company covers all aspects in the domestic market. By setting up storage centers in major cities such as Beijing, Shenyang, Xi’an, Shandong, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Shanghai, Chengdu and Kunming, Huaxia L&C Display maintains its top ranking in the sales channel of SMD LED market. Through 4-year high-speed growth and thanks to the continuous management in the way for a listed company, Huaxia L&C Display was successfully listed on the new OTC market by the end of 2015 and entered into the international market at the same time. Huaxia L&C Display is your most trustworthy partner in the display area.

Introduction of Huaxia L&C Display products

1. Small pitch indoor display (P1.5625, P1.667, P1.923): HD display for seamless connection
Same products also have 400mm*300mm cast aluminum cabinet for selection.

1. Guoxing 1010 radiating black plastic package LED lamp for high contrast
2. Foggy finished surface for soft, even and consistent light emission.
3. 120° wide-angle with soft curved light.
4. Accumulated IC for low brightness, high gray level, high refresh rate and no ghost phenomenon.
5. High reliability: dual backup, dual power and dual signal.

2. SMD outdoor display (P6.67, P8, P10): modularized for different pitches in same size (320mm*160mm); same products also have 640mm*640mm cast aluminum cabinet for selection.

1. High consistency: Guoxing five-facet 3D darkening 3535 LED lamp.
2. High reliability: Illuminating chips are connected with gold wires and supported with copper racks.
3. 3 color in 1 for a good color mixing effect: 110° wide angle with no color bias.
4. Highly waterproof: Proprietary lamp cup pin bending technology
5. Anti-UV silicone gel.

3. Smart outdoor screen

1. Lightweight: LED screen is lightweight for easy installation.
2. Fast installation: Structure is super simplified for fast installation..
3. Stable operation: The screen is structured to enable natural ventilation for heat dissipation, wind resistance and ultra service life.
4. Cost-saving: The cost of steel structure is saved. Labor cost is also saved thanks to remote monitoring. The product has a high efficiency and low operating cost.



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