Zero down-payment on 50 million USD spot-supply products Absen gives big end-of-year surprise!

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As 2015 comes to an end, Absen is giving customers a spectacular surprise, zero down-payment on 50 million USD spot-supply products. This year end is going to be absolutely fabulous!
Worried about delays? Absen to the rescue!
Many engineering projects typically face tight delivery schedules as the year comes to an end. But what will you do if your project delivery is delayed? To meet customer needs, Absen has launched 50 million USD spot-supply products, making delivery delays a thing of the past. Inspect your products at site and have them delivered immediately; you no longer need endure long delivery lead times. With 50 million USD spot-supply products available, you will never worry about delayed deliveries again.

No prepayment risk
With Absen continuing its zero down-payment policy, customers can inspect goods at site and have them delivered immediately without any advance payment. With reliable and customer-centric services and support, you are assured 100% about product quality. Absen’s zero down-payment policy frees customers from being bound to the whims and fancies of unscrupulous suppliers, and has been highly appreciated by customers since it was first implemented.

One-stop-shop to satisfy diverse needs
Absen has a wide range of LED displays and continuously introduces new products.  Absen has successfully launched 5 standardized products since the beginning of 2015: A2, S3, N4, X5 and X16, to meet different industry requirements, such as small space, rentals, indoor and outdoor advertising, etc. These 5 products not only embody Absen’s technical prowess, but also offer customers diverse choices, and are included in the zero down-payment “luxury package”.

For many LED display companies, 50 million USD may be their annual sales, or even cumulative sales for several years, but Absen already broke the RMB 1 billion ( 20 million USD) barrier in 2014 and our profitability ranks among the top in the industry.

50 million USD spot-supply products are ready for sale. Are you ready?



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