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For better business matching, please enter your interested exhibits and services and related information.
Main business:
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LED Display
LED Display Screen, Accessories and Technologies
DLP Splicing、LCD/PDP Splicing
Projection Display
Panel Display
3D Display
OLED Display
Special-shaped Screens
Commercial Liquid Crystal Display
Mini LED
LED Packaging: COB, SMD,GOB, etc
LED Lighting
Ads & Engineering Illumination
Commercial Lighting
Lighting Accessories
Special Illumination
LED Equipment, Patents and Energy-saving Service
LED New Technology and Standard
Advertising Signs
and Equipment
Lighting Box
Digital Signage,Smart Signs
Signs,Display & Related Materials
LED Lighting & Commercial Display
Illuminated Character
Inkjet Printing Equipment
3D Printing
Bending Machines
Engraving Machines
Silk Printing
Laser CNC Equipment
New Media Technical Equipment
Software, Gifts, Books
Smart media、Smart Retail & Intelligent Terminal Equipment
Eco-friendly Exhibition Construction Materials & Brand Vendor
Please select the purpose your company participates in the exhibition *
Source new items and place orders onsite
Meet and discuss business with recognized suppliers
Consider joining as an exhibitor in the next edition
Compare different suppliers’ products for future acquisition
Attend concurrent activities
Collect updated market information
Look for joint venture companies
Please select the way you are informed of this exhibition:*
Ads/ Trade Press Advertisement
From Organizers
by Exhibitors
Search Engines (Baidu)
Invitation by Business Counterparts
Social Media (Linkin, Facebook etc.)
Official website
Other Exhibition