ISLE 2020 exhibits tour -LED power

2019-07-17 17:58:00 129

As an international platform for trade and cooperation between Asia and TOP, the strong development of ISLE is inseparable from the continuous development of diversified and value-added products by exhibitors. Next year's exhibition, companies will display their own quality products to meet global buyers' demand. ISLE 2020 exhibits tour -LED power, let's see it first!

Hunan Lanzhao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Lanzhao RP air cooled glue 400W 24V

Product model: RP-400LZ-24

Input voltage range: 180V-250VAC

Input frequency: 50/60Hz

Output voltage: 24V

Maximum output current: 16.7A

Surge current: cold start, 60A/230VAC

Ripple noise: less than 250Mv

Protection function: short circuit, overvoltage, and parallel use.

Working temperature: -40 C -50 C

Safety standards: according to GB4943, UL60950-1, EN60950-1 design

EMC standard: according to GB9254.EN55022 A-level design.

Cooling mode: air cooling

Wiring: flip, 9 bit connection port

Features: all components are covered by glue to adapt to all kinds of harsh environments.

Jiangxi Mei Jie Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

12V 33.3A 400W LED rain switch power supply

Model: MLD-400-12RP

Output power: 401 - 500W

Output type: single

Input voltage: 220V

Output voltage: 12V

Output frequency: 47-63HZ

Output current: 38A

Application: LED lighting

Authentication: CE FCC ROHS

Guarantee: 2 years

Product Name: LED power supply

Protection: short circuit

Efficiency: 88%

Size: 217 * 120 *56 mm

Protection level: IP65

Type: Constant voltage

Shell material: Aluminum material

Anhui Gu de Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.

Golden series lighting engineering power GD-600-24

Model: GD-600-24

Output power: 600W

Output voltage: 24V

Output current: 25A

Efficiency: 86%

Input voltage: 220V + 15%

Outline size: 235*115*55mm

Shell material: aluminum alloy

New, full power, full load aging, short circuit / overload protection

Anhui run Cheng electromechanical Co., Ltd.

Product 300W 12MCT

Product model: 300W 12MCT

Input: AC200-240V

Output: 12V 25A

Length: 43CM

Width: 5.8CM

Height: 2.2CM

Shenzhen Weiguan Weiye Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Switching power supply WK-350-24 type

Switching power supply WK-350 series performance parameters

Rated input voltage: 220Vac 50/60Hz

Allowable input voltage range: 100-240Vac

Input voltage ripple and noise: less than 1% of the input voltage.

Precision of voltage regulation: less than 1%

Boot input delay: less than 3S

Overshoot of switch machine: less than 5%

Hold time: 10mS

Temperature coefficient: 0.02%-0.05% C

Input overload and short circuit protection: hiccups

Anti electric strength: input to output, input to shell should be able to withstand 50Hz, effective value 1750V; AC voltage 1 minutes, leakage current is less than 10mA, no breakdown or arcing phenomenon.

Insulation resistance: at normal atmospheric pressure, the relative humidity is 90%. When the test voltage is DC 500V, the input resistance to the output, the insulation resistance between the input and the shell is not less than 100M ohm.

Leakage current: input current to the output terminal, the leakage current between the input and the housing is not greater than 0.25mA

Conducted interference CE& radiation interference RE:EN55022 CLASS B

Working environment temperature: -10 C to +40 C

Storage environment temperature: -20 C to +70 C

Mean time to failure: greater than 150000 hours

Technical indicators can be customized according to customer requirements.

AC input: 110-220V two file input

DC output: 24V

DC Outut:15A

Ripple and noise: less than 240MV

Efficiency: 0.85

Cooling mode: air cooling