ISLE 2020 exhibits tour --LED display and LED template

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As an international platform for trade and cooperation between Asia and TOP, the strong development of ISLE is inseparable from the continuous development of diversified and value-added products by exhibitors. Next year's exhibition, companies will display their own quality products to meet global buyers' demand. ISLE 2020 exhibits tour -LED display and LED template, let's see it first!

Shenzhen Rui Ling photoelectric Co., Ltd.

Common cathode aluminum screen outdoor fixedly installed FA66

Highly versatile high protection, energy saving and environmental protection display screen

The aluminum configuration is lighter, stronger and more stable.

To achieve the highest level of dustproof and waterproof: IP68

Aluminum is not easy to fire and mask is VO standard flame retardant material.

Strong adaptability to the environment, outdoor all-weather work, super stable and high protection

Common cathode aluminum module: energy saving 75%

Product model. FA66

Lamp type SMD2727

All 1/6

Point / M; 2; 22500

Module size (mm) 320*320

Module resolution 48*48

The maximum power consumption is 332W/m 2.

The average power consumption is 116W/m 2.

Brightness >=6500cd /m 2;

Xuchang Light Electric Co., Ltd.

P10 outdoor single red LED template

Point spacing: 10mm

LED lamp package: DIP546

Pixel composition: 1R

Module size: 320mm*160mm

Box size: 640mm*640mm

Physical density: 10000dot/

Brightness: greater than 2500cd/

Brightness adjustment: automatic level 256

Best sight distance: > 8M

Horizontal perspective: 140 degrees

Vertical angle: 120 degrees

Average power consumption: 280W/

Maximum power consumption: 750W/

Driving mode: constant current driving

Scan mode: 1/4 scan.

Mean time to failure: 5000hours

Life span: 100000hours

Framing frequency: 60Hz

Working temperature range: -35 C ~ 60 C

Input voltage: 110V~240V

Protection level (front / back): IP65/IP54

Blind spot rate: <0.0002

Shenzhen Blue Star Photoelectricity Technology Co., Ltd.

P3 outdoor conventional screen series

Product model Model Number:LJX- P3 -16S

Module size Model Size:192mm*192mm

Physical density Pixels Density:111111 dot /

Physical point spacing Pixels Pitch:3mm

LED encapsulates Package Mode:SMD1921

Module resolution Pixel Resolution:64*64 point

Module thickness Model Thickness:12mm

Module weight Model Weight:0.69KG

Driving mode Drive Type: constant current drive (Constant Drive)

White balance luminance Brightness White Balance: 5000CD/

Box size Dimension:576*576mm

Power supply mode Power Supply:5V/60A*1pcs

Best sight distance Best Viewing Distance:3M-30M

The best angle of view is Best Viewing Angle:160 degree (W) 120 degrees (H).

The ambient temperature Temperature is Working:-20 /+50 C.

Relative humidity Operation Humidity:10%-75%

Working voltage Working Voltage:AC220V + 10%

The average power consumption is Average Power Consuption: less than 300W/.

Maximum power consumption Max Power Consuption: less than 800W/

Control mode Control Method: synchronous control (Synchronization)

Driver Driving Device: constant current drive (Constant Drive)

Refresh frequency Refresh Frequency: greater than 1920Hz

Framing frequency Frame Frequency:60Hz

Luminance level / color Luminance Level / Color:RGB256

Grayscale Gray Level:65536 level

Shenzhen Jiadi Technology Co., Ltd.

Best technology -P1.56 small spacing LED full color screen

Pixel spacing (mm): 1.56

Pixel density (dot / min): 409600

Lamp configuration: 1R1G1B

Tube type: SMD1010

Display angle (degree): horizontal 160 degree, vertical 160 degree.

Brightness (cd/:): 200~1200 tunable.

Scan mode: 1/32 scan.

Control mode: synchronous control

Grayscale: 65536

Refresh rate (Hz): greater than 3000Hz

Framing frequency (Hz): 50/60 Hz

Brightness adjustment: manual / automatic / program-controlled

Module size (mm): 200x150

Module resolution (point): 128x96

Standard box size (mm): 400*300

Working voltage (V): 110V~240V

Average power consumption (W/:): 100~300

Maximum power consumption (W/:): 800

Maintenance mode: front and back maintenance

IP level: IP41

Working environment (C /%RH): -10 C ~60 C

Storage environment (C: /%RH): -25~+70

Mean time to failure (H): 10000

Service life (H): 100000

Shenzhen Tuo Qi Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.

M1- LED rolling screen

The screen can be bent into arcs, circles, waves and so on, and the size and color can be customized.

70% penetration rate enables the screen and stage lighting to be integrated, giving a vivid dance effect.

Fast lock design ensures that the screen can be quickly disassembled without tools.

The two joints are locked on the hanging beam to realize the fast lifting of the screen without any tools.

LED light bars can be removed separately for creative modeling.

The front and rear sides of the screen are IP65, with waterproof connectors on the head and tail.

Product name M1-LED rolling screen

Pixel spacing 37.5mm (pixel spacing can be customized)

Pixels constitute 1*LED (National Star RS-3535MWAM).

The screen size is 0.3 x 4.8m (size of the screen can be customized).

Screen resolution 8 x 128 points

Screen weight 4kg/sqm

Brightness 2100nits

Protection level IP66

Refresh rate 4000Hz

Transparency 70%

Scan mode static

Maximum power consumption of 280W/sqm

Grayscale 16 bit

Angle of view (H/V) 140 degree /110 degree

Working temperature -40~45 degree C

Input voltage AC 100~240V; 50/60Hz

Working voltage 7.5V DC

Relative humidity 10~90%RH

Service life >100000 hours