ISLE 2020 exhibits tour -LED display VIII

2019-06-28 18:08:00 134

Shenzhen City Vision Technology Co., Ltd.

Enhanced version of indoor P1.818LED display

High performance price ratio, powerful performance, gorgeous color.

Convenient maintenance, electricity saving and energy saving

Pixel spacing (mm): 1.818

Unit size (mm): 160 (W) x 160 (H)

Guangzhou Cai Tai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

CATA-Flex series

Mashup use, arbitrary splicing, wireless design, high-precision splicing

Item type: CATA-Flex

LED lamp beads: SMD2121 (black light)

Visual angle: Less than 160 degrees

Color value: > 16.7M

Color temperature: 3000K-9500K adjustable

Driving mode: constant current

Framing frequency: 60Hz

White balance luminance: 900-2700cd/

Working environment: -20 C ~50 C + + 10%

Brightness adjustment: Level 256

Mean no fault working time: 10000 hours

Point spacing: 2.8mm, 3.9mm

Best line of sight: >2.5m

Maximum power: <450w/pcs

Gray scale: 16bits

Control mode: Synchronous / asynchronous

Scan mode: 1/22,1/16 scan

Refresh rate: 1200-4800Hz

Working voltage: AC220V/110V + 10%

Blind spot rate: < 0.0001

Protection level: IP30

Life: 100000 hours

Shenzhen Kai Li Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.

P2.5 indoor LED display screen

Product model  Kailt-P2.5-24S

Module Size  160mm*80mm

Physical point spacing  2.5mm

Physical density  160000 point /m2

Luminous dot color  1R1G1B

LED encapsulation  SMD2121

Module separation rate  64dots (W) *32dots (H)

Module maximum power consumption  45W

Module weight  0.23KG

Driving mode  Constant current driving

Scanning mode  1/24 scan

Interface mode  HUB75-A

White balance luminance  More than 1000cd/m2

Shenzhen City Electronics Co., Ltd.

Small spacing indoor LED display screen

Pixel composition  1R1G1B

Pixel spacing (mm)  2.5mm

Box pixel  128*128

Module Size  160*160mm

Dimension  320*320

Cabinet material  Die cast aluminum

Box weight (kg)  35kg/

contrast ratio  2000:1

Refresh rate (Hz)  More than 720Hz

Brightness (cd/ *)  800-1200cd/

Horizontal view (degree)  140 degrees

Vertical view (degree)  140 degrees

AC input power (W/ square meter)  Two hundred

Protection level  IP31

Xia Gu (Shenzhen) Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.

P3.91 leasing LED display screen

Size: W5 * H3 / W6 * H3m

LED lamp beads: National Star SMD1921

Box size: 500 * 1000mm

Case material: Die Cast Aluminum