ISLE 2020 exhibits tour -LED display VIII

2019-06-28 18:08:00 66

Shenzhen City Vision Technology Co., Ltd.

Enhanced version of indoor P1.818LED display

High performance price ratio, powerful performance, gorgeous color.

Convenient maintenance, electricity saving and energy saving

Pixel spacing (mm): 1.818

Unit size (mm): 160 (W) x 160 (H)

Guangzhou Cai Tai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

CATA-Flex series

Mashup use, arbitrary splicing, wireless design, high-precision splicing

Item type: CATA-Flex

LED lamp beads: SMD2121 (black light)

Visual angle: Less than 160 degrees

Color value: > 16.7M

Color temperature: 3000K-9500K adjustable

Driving mode: constant current

Framing frequency: 60Hz

White balance luminance: 900-2700cd/

Working environment: -20 C ~50 C + + 10%

Brightness adjustment: Level 256

Mean no fault working time: 10000 hours

Point spacing: 2.8mm, 3.9mm

Best line of sight: >2.5m

Maximum power: <450w/pcs

Gray scale: 16bits

Control mode: Synchronous / asynchronous

Scan mode: 1/22,1/16 scan

Refresh rate: 1200-4800Hz

Working voltage: AC220V/110V + 10%

Blind spot rate: < 0.0001

Protection level: IP30

Life: 100000 hours

Shenzhen Kai Li Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.

P2.5 indoor LED display screen

Product model  Kailt-P2.5-24S

Module Size  160mm*80mm

Physical point spacing  2.5mm

Physical density  160000 point /m2

Luminous dot color  1R1G1B

LED encapsulation  SMD2121

Module separation rate  64dots (W) *32dots (H)

Module maximum power consumption  45W

Module weight  0.23KG

Driving mode  Constant current driving

Scanning mode  1/24 scan

Interface mode  HUB75-A

White balance luminance  More than 1000cd/m2

Shenzhen City Electronics Co., Ltd.

Small spacing indoor LED display screen

Pixel composition  1R1G1B

Pixel spacing (mm)  2.5mm

Box pixel  128*128

Module Size  160*160mm

Dimension  320*320

Cabinet material  Die cast aluminum

Box weight (kg)  35kg/

contrast ratio  2000:1

Refresh rate (Hz)  More than 720Hz

Brightness (cd/ *)  800-1200cd/

Horizontal view (degree)  140 degrees

Vertical view (degree)  140 degrees

AC input power (W/ square meter)  Two hundred

Protection level  IP31

Xia Gu (Shenzhen) Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.

P3.91 leasing LED display screen

Size: W5 * H3 / W6 * H3m

LED lamp beads: National Star SMD1921

Box size: 500 * 1000mm

Case material: Die Cast Aluminum