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As Asia's TOP international platform for trade exchanges and cooperation, ISLE's strong development is inseparable from the continuous research and development of diversified and high value-added products by exhibitors. Next year's exhibition, enterprises will have to show their own high-quality products, to meet the global buyer procurement needs. ISLE 2020 exhibit tour - connector, let's have a sneak peek!


Brand new etherCON CAT6A adapter: NE8FFX6-W

Neutrik introduces the latest CAT6A series of products - CAT6A straight coupler for cable extension.

With this innovative design product, Neutrik sets a new standard for robust adapter solutions.

The new adapter has 10 GBit bandwidth and offers IP65 protection.

Shenzhen Nuowei Electric Co., Ltd.


NL 16 number of cores:2

Rated current A:10A

Contact to diameter, quantity:1.5X2

Working voltage(AC.V.rms):500V

Withstand voltage(AC.V):1500V

Contact resistance mΩ:2.5

Insulation resistance MΩ:2000

Shenzhen Xinghuida Technology Co., Ltd.

Bayonet waterproof power connector (harness)

The waterproof wiring harness and other products in combination with it perfectly realize the waterproof grade of IP67 through 1/4 bayonet locking method. This product series can realize male head and female seat, female head and male seat, air butt joint and other connection modes, and the integration of cable and plug injection molding, which is convenient for customers to receive and use goods and shorten the production cycle of the whole machine. The whole series of crown spring terminal jack ensures the reliabilityaofatheaproduct.

Ningbo Zhuosheng Ao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Data connector ZE8FDV

Product description:

1. Unify the D style of metal flange;

2.aAccordingatoaTIA/EIA568BaandaISO/IEC11801 standards, the socket shall meet the grade D;

3, D style, can be installed from the front or back of the panel;

4. The back matchend is a hmatchorizontal PCB board welding type, which can freely convert various interfaces and greatly reduce the installation space.

Shenzhen ruiying chuanglian electronic technology co. LTD

REUNION N Series Power Connector 

1: Waterproof (IP67) and waterproof (IP50)

2: The power input and power output adopt different locking methods to avoid short circuit

Quick and easy twist lock.

3: Nylon fiber material, fire rating V-0, corrosion resistance, good weather resistance, excellent electrical properties

4: There is still good electrical insulation in high temperature environment.

5: The socket terminal made of imported beryllium copper has high life and conductivity.

The ISLE has a bigger layout and more big news

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February 24-27, 2020

Shenzhen international convention and exhibition center (fuyong new hall)


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