ISLE 2020 exhibits tour -LED display VII

2019-06-27 18:10:00 131

As an international platform for trade and cooperation between Asia and TOP, the strong development of ISLE is inseparable from the continuous development of diversified and value-added products by exhibitors. Next year's exhibition, companies will display their own quality products to meet global buyers' demand. ISLE 2020 exhibits tour -LED display VII Let's take a look at it first.

Changchun Sita Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

COB shows NCD012

1. anti collision, strong protection

2. sides light display, safe and healthy

3 to 180 degree viewing without bias color

4.NTSC broadcast level gamut, color temperature intelligent adjustable

5. point by point consistency correction

6. high refresh rate, enhance visual comfort.

7. leading thermal design

8. reliable structural design

Pixel composition 1R1G1B (package integration)

Pixel spacing (mm) 1.25

Resolution (W * Hl) 384 x 384

Size (mm) 480 x 480

Box weight (kg/Pcs) 7

Box flatness (mm) is less than 0.1.

Point by point coherence correction

Brightness (cd/ *) 600

Brightness adjustment programmable / automatic / manual

Adjustable color temperature (K) 3000-10000

Gamut 115%NTSC

Viewing angle 0-180 degrees without bias color

Brightness uniformity greater than 97%

Contrast 3000:01:00

Peak power consumption 600

Average power consumption 200

The power supply requirements are AC100 to 240V (50-60Hz).

Driving mode constant current driving

Frame changing frequency (Hz) 60

Refresh rate supports 3840Hz

Protection level (front surface) IP54

Working temperature (c) 0 ~ +40

Working humidity (RH) 10% to 90% without condensation.

Storage temperature (c) -10 ~ +60

Storage humidity (RH) 10% to 90% without condensation.

Point by point conformance correction technology support

Shenzhen guider Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.

P4 outdoor surface full color.

Dot pitch 4mm

Unit plate size 256mm*128mm

Pixel composition 1R1G1B

LED standard SMD1921

Physical density 62500 (dot/m 2;)

Module Resolution 32*16=51264*32=2048

brightness More than 7200CD/m (2);

Scanning mode 1/16 scan

Driving mode Constant current driving

Display color 68 billion 700 million (Million)

display mode 1024*768/1280*1024

refresh frequency More than 1200HZ

Interface mode HUB75

Protection level 65 (IP)

Optimum visibility distance 4 - 50m

Unit plate quantity / box 3*6=18 (PCS)

Dimension 768mm*768mm

Box resolution 192*192 (DOT)

input voltage 220VAC + 15

maximum power 1000W

Authentication CE, Rohs, FCC, ISO

Shenzhen xinyguang Technology Co., Ltd.

P3.91 intelligent interactive floor tile screen

Intelligent induction requires no additional equipment. High strength design, load up to 2T. 3. Frosting treatment technology, skid resistance, scratch resistance, towing, installation, time saving and labor saving.

Arrangement form Vertical row

Pixel tube spacing 3.91mm

Pixel composition 1R1G1B (three in one)

Lamp type SMD1921 (chip ratio 3:6:1)

Physical density 65536 points /?

Module Size 250 width 250 x height (mm)

Module Resolution 64 width 64 x height (point)

Dimension 500 (wide) x 1000 (high) mm

Box weight 22.5KG/

Box thickness 9cm (including module thickness)

out-of-control point Less than 3/100000

Unit module joint The size of the gap of the unit plate gap is the same, and it is less than 2.

Optimum distance 5-60m

visual angle Horizontal 140 degree, vertical 140 degree.

Surface flatness The maximum error is less than 2.

Ink color on screen surface Ink consistency, no reflection.

Homogeneity Module brightness uniformity, uniformity 1:1

Use bad environment Indoor and outdoor general purpose

Working humidity range 10% to 90% RH

Working temperature range -20 to 65 C

maximum power 600W/

Average power 300W/

Shenzhen City Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

TB transparent LED poster screen

Pixel spacing  3.75-6.67

Scanning mode  8S

density  40000dots/

Pixel structure  RGB

Module Resolution  128*24

Module Size  480mm*160mm

White balance luminance  5500-6000CD/

Permeability  72%

Refresh rate  More than 1920hz

visual angle  Horizontal 140 degree vertical 140 degree

63 inch appearance size 1040mm*1600mm

63 inch product display size 960mm*1280mm

63 inch BOX resolution  256*192

63 inches Weight  30Kg

63 inch maximum power consumption / average power consumption  1130W/452W/ station

Packaging method  Wooden box / air box

Interface definition  HUB-BLP-14C

Shenzhen Zhong run photoelectric technology Limited by Share Ltd

P1.5 full color LED display screen

Automatic report failure, one billion level high pixel, picture quality HD, double power and data transmission, single fault does not affect the whole screen, suitable for indoor occasions.

Pixel spacing  1.5mm

Pixel density  409600dot/

Pixel composition  SMD1515

Module Size  96 x 96 x 15mm

Module Resolution  64 x 64

Brightness level  800~1000

viewing angle  140 degrees (H) /140 degrees (V)

Environmental Science  indoor

Input power supply  Ac220

working temperature  The temperature is -40 C ~+80 C.

Working humidity  10%~90% no condensation.

working life  More than 100000 hours