ISLE 2020 exhibits tour - LED drive power, LED transparent scree

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As Asia's TOP international platform for trade exchanges and cooperation, ISLE's strong development is inseparable from the continuous research and development of diversified and high value-added products by exhibitors. Next year's exhibition, enterprises will have to show their own high-quality products, to meet the global buyer procurement needs. ISLE 2020 exhibit tour - connector, let's have a sneak peek!

Shenzhen Century Dingfeng Power Technology Co., Ltd.

Indoor power supply DRS-35

Product parameters:

Model:DRS-35Input voltage:100-260VOutput voltage:12V/24V
Product size:99*82*30 mmoutput voltage:35WOutput current:2.9A/1.46A
Operating temperature:-30 ~ +70℃Conversion power:86%Certificate:CE RoHS
Single product weight:0.17 KGQuantity and weight per case:100PCS/17.5KGProduct preserve period:2年


Full input voltage

100% combustion test for more than 2 hours

The output voltage is accurate and stable

Overvoltage overload and short circuit protection

Output low ripple and noise

2 year warranty

30mm high

Shenzhen Reap Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.

LED transparent screen product technical parameters

P3.91-7.81 positive illumination

Pixel pitch (mm): 3.91mm-7.81mm

LED: National Star 1921

Driver IC: Taiwan accumulation MBI5124, 8 sweep

Physical density: 32768PX/m2

Drive mode: constant current drive IC

Brightness (cd/m2): 5300 cd/m2

Transparency: 65%

Gray level: 65536 (15bit)

Refresh rate (hz): ≥ 1920hz

PCB board: 6 layers, 2.0 thickness, raw materials

Drive power: double backup, damage alarm

Cooling method: exclusive silent ball axial fan

Connector: 4M gold plated

Waterproof rating: anti-splash IP33

Brightness adjustment: 256 levels

Angle of view: 120°

Viewing distance (m): 5m-12m

Power supply requirements: input voltage DC5-3.5V/AC85-240V

Average power consumption (w): average power consumption 220W/m2

Peak power consumption (w): maximum power consumption 800W/m2

Box size (mm): 1000mm*500mm*75mm

Weight (kg / m2): 12kg

Installation method: lifting, fixed installation

Maintenance method: front maintenance

Protection level: indoor, simple waterproof

Screen life (h): ≥100000 hours

Environmental requirements: Temperature: -10 ° C ~ +40 ° C; Humidity: 15% ~ 90% RH

Shenzhen Lianheda Precision Casting Co., Ltd.

500H die-cast aluminum housing 250X250mm



1, the public model public board

2, high precision

3, can be arc stitching

4, the installation is fast

5, support module magnetic attraction

6, high strength can be used for floor tiles, does not affect the steel structure


Cabinet size: 500mmX500mmX74mm

Box weight: 4.6kg

Material: aluminum

Number of single box kits: 4 modules per box

Installation method: lifting beam and fixed installation

Color: Flash Silver Door Blue, Black, Orange

Use environment: indoors and outdoors

Standard accessories: 1 door panel, 1 handle, 2 positioning pins, 1 power supply mounting plate, 1.3 connecting pieces, 4 sets of quick locks (2 sets of quick locks + 2 sets of arc locks)

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February 24-27, 2020

Shenzhen international convention and exhibition center (fuyong new hall)


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