ISLE 2020 exhibit parade --LED display XI

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As Asia's TOP international platform for trade exchanges and cooperation, ISLE's strong development is inseparable from the continuous research and development of diversified and high value-added products by exhibitors. Next year's exhibition, enterprises will have to show their own high-quality products, to meet the global buyer procurement needs. ISLE 2020 exhibition tour - XI LED display, let's have a sneak peek!

Shenzhen Aibisen Photoelectric Co., Ltd.

A27 Pro Series

Pixel pitch 1.27/1.58 mm

Cabinet size 610x343x49mm

Box material die-cast aluminum

Refresh rate 1920/3840 Hz

Series features

Standard 27.5-inch, FHD/4K HD point-to-point restore

Standard video input, HDMI-Direct technology

Front mounting / front maintenance

Ultra HD perfect picture quality, CrystalView technology

Installation total thickness ≤ 9cm, EasyMount components

Shenzhen Qianhai Transtech Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

(Discovery) found a series of small pitch LED display

High-definition picture, front-end maintenance, independent waterproof, low-light and high-gray.

Pre-maintenance patented design: front-end maintenance magnetic installation, convenient and fast, low maintenance cost

Seamless stitching: good flatness, only 0.01mm slit

HD quality: 2K/4K/8K easy stitching

Brightness adjustable: adapt to various environmental needs

Low-light high grayscale: broadcast-level grayscale processing, 256-level grayscale gradient, leading high gray, richer picture detail

Wider perspective

Good heat dissipation performance: low energy consumption, low heat removal, environmental protection and energy saving

Product specifications: D1.2

LED lamp type:

LED light type: SMD (0808)

Scanning mode (constant current drive): 1/27

Module parameters:

Module resolution (H X W): 135 x 240

Point spacing: 1.266mm

Module size: 171 x 304mm

Box parameters:

Cabinet resolution (H X W): 270 x 480

Cabinet size: 342 x 608 x 84mm

Weight: 10kg

Protection level: before IP30 / after IP30

Power supply requirements: AC 220/110±10%, 47~63Hz

Maintenance mode: front maintenance / post maintenance

Screen parameters:

Maximum power consumption: 166W / cabinet 800W / m2

Average power consumption 58W / box 280W / m2

Brightness: 800cd/m2

Pixel density: 623,334 points / m2

Viewing angle: 160°/160°

Contrast: 3,000:1

Operating temperature / storage humidity: -10oC to +50oC / 10% to 90%

Service life (50% brightness): 100,000 hours

Shenzhen Xinyiguang Technology Co., Ltd. (time and space tunnel)

D3.91 intelligent interactive floor tile screen


1Intelligentainductionawithoutaadditional equipment 2High-strength design bearing up to 2T 3 matte treatment technology anti-scratch and anti-scratch 4 tow installation saves time and effort 5 front waterproof without fear of small amount of rain 6 front maintenance installation saves time and effort

Product parameters:

Pixel composition:

Arrangement: vertical

Pixel tube spacing: 3.91mm

Pixel composition: 1R1G1B (three in one)

Lamp Bead Model: SMD1921 (Chip Scale 3:6:1)

Physical density: 65536 points / m2

Module / cabinet size:

Module size: 250 width × 250 height (mm)

Module resolution: 64 wide x 64 high (dot)

Cabinet size: 500 (width) × 1000 (height) mm

Box weight: 22.5KG / piece

Box thickness: 9cm (including module thickness)

Full screen parameters: out of control points: ≤3/100000

Unit module splicing seam: unit board gap splicing seam size is consistent, and ≤ 2mm

The best distance: 5-60m

Viewing angle: 140° horizontal and 140° vertical

Surface flatness: maximum error ≤ 2mm

Screen surface ink color: consistent ink, no reflection

Uniformity: uniform brightness of the module, uniformity 1:1

Power supply:

Use environment: indoor and outdoor

Operating humidity range: 10% to 90% RH

Operating temperature range: -20 to 65 °C

Maximum power: 600W/m2

Average power: 300W/m2

Shenzhen Chuangkaiguang Technology Co., Ltd.

C series P1.25mm indoor display

.Pixel point spacing: 1.25mm

.High refresh rate: 3840HZ

.Module automatic calibration

.Low brightness and high gray ratio

No fan and no noise


● Noise-free design, good heat dissipation

●Quick lock design, strong consistency, seamless assembly

● Module calibration: save the calibration data on the module to ensure the brightness and color consistency, and achieve high-definition natural images.

●3840Hz high refresh rate: smooth and vivid ripple-free video, accurate recovery of high-definition images, giving viewers maximum visual enjoyment.

●Low-light and high-gray: When the display brightness is lower than 100nits, the display screen has high gray scale, and the layering and vividness of the video is better than the traditional screen.

Product parameters:

Model: C1.2

Pixel pitch (mm): 1.25

LED model: SMD0808

Pixel density (dot/m2): 640000

Scanning method: 1/27 sweep

Module size (mm): 200*100

Cabinet size (mm): 400x300x80

Box material: die-cast aluminum

Box weight (kg): 5.5

Angle of view: H: 140 ° / V: 140 °

Grayscale (bits): 16

Refresh frequency (HZ): ≥ 3840

Brightness (nits): ≥800

Working voltage (v): AC 100~240V

Average power consumption (W/m2): 300

Maximum power consumption (W/m2): 600

Waterproof rating: IP31

Control System: Nova

Maintenance mode: post maintenance

Working humidity: 10~90% RH

Working temperature: -30 ° C ~ 60 ° C

Certification: RoHS/CE/CCC

Indoor full color LED display series PH4.81mm indoor surface mount module


1, like and text have clear, delicate, realistic display effect;

2, from the design to solve the high-density heat dissipation problem;

3, modular design of any size combination;

4, the real realization of stereo maintenance and single point single lamp maintenance;

5, the design is novel and beautiful;

product features:

Light weight; quick installation; high contrast; silent design; super wide viewing angle; double backup of signal power; good flatness; no noise; uniform correction; good heat dissipation;

Product parameters:

Pixel spacing (mm): 4.81

Pixel density (dots/m2): 43264

Light type configuration: 1R1G1B

Lamp type: SMD2121

Scanning method: 1/13 Scan

Best viewing distance: 5-15m

Display angle of view °: horizontal 120 °, vertical 120 °

Brightness (cd/m2): 1200

Gray level: 16384

Refresh rate (Hz): 1200

Frame change frequency (Hz): 60

Brightness adjustment mode: manual / automatic / program control

Module size (mm): (L × H) 250 × 250

Module resolution (point): 64 × 64

Module weight (Kg / block): 0.55

Standard box weight (Kg / piece): 8.5

Box size (mm): 500 × 500, 500 × 1000

Working voltage (V): AC 220

Average power consumption (W/m2): 280

Maximum power consumption (W/m2): 800

Maintenance method: front and rear maintenance

IP rating: IP30

Working environment ( °C/%RH): -20 ~+50, 10~90

Storage environment ( °C/%RH): -40 ~ +85, 10~90

Working life (H): 45000

The ISLE has a bigger layout and more big news

Continue to be surprised, please stay tuned

February 24-27, 2020

Shenzhen international convention and exhibition center (fuyong new hall)


Great platform,great business opportunities, great future

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