ISLE briefing -- many brands of light box enterprises go to the

2019-07-17 17:25:00 77

In July 15th, ISLE organizer, Guangzhou fair Advertising Co., Ltd.Guangzhou Tongyu international hotel has launched. Lighting industry depth exchange meeting 。 Scene popularity Explosion, More than 60 families Representative enterprises from the Pearl River Delta area light box marking industry At the event, many enterprises came to the meeting with high schedules.

When the international market is changing, the industry will play an important role in the global market. The Pearl River Delta region has great potential for development. This light box industry exchange ISLE has gathered the core businesses of the Pearl River Delta region's light box industry to explore future development strategies. Everyone gathered around to express their views, and the atmosphere of the on-the-spot exchange and discussion was strong.

At the event site, the ISLE team gave a detailed introduction to the business representatives attending the meeting. ISLE 2020 exhibition, investment and investment policy. On the 24-27 th of February 2020, the new ISLE exhibition will be held at the Shenzhen International Convention and exhibition center with more than 1600 exhibitors and 8 exhibition halls, 160 thousand square meters. It will become the development trend of the big bay area of Guangdong, Hongkong and Macau. Advertising logo, LED display technology and vane system of audio and video system integration industry. 。

The light box logo is a very important part of the ISLE2020 exhibition area planning. Since April, the sponsor team has launched online and offline investment promotion. Southeast Asia, the Middle East, the Americas and Hong Kong, Macao and TaiwanThe advertising logo Association and agencies have concluded a group visit to purchase cooperation.

ISLE2020's highlights and development prospects have aroused the strong interest and expectation of the representatives here. Zhao Yi Jing, Liang Xin, Li Xing, LAN Qi, Sheng Ling and other enterprises. The leader took the lead in selecting ISLE 2020 booth.

In addition, the delegates actively discussed the innovation and application of smart light boxes in the new retail industry, and how to make the most advanced, upstream and downstream industrial chains in China's light boxes to form a circle of mutual learning and communication.We fully recognize the role played by ISLE in the above fields and will work hand in hand in the future. ISLE for Southern China and even greater China region Most influential Of Light box identification industry exchange platform 。