With "micro" knowledge, ISLE brings you to the first China Summi

2019-06-22 17:37:00 66

In June 21st, leaders of the ISLE organizers were invited to attend the first China Summit Forum on micro display industry (micro Summit) and to recommend 2020 ISLE.

The micro summit is sponsored by the China micro display industry alliance (LED) and the Guangdong Electric Commerce Association, and the industry feast is based on the idea of "helping China's Micro industry and taking the road of micro industrialization for Chinese enterprises".

From the leaders of the relevant national and local industry associations, the representatives of the application industry, the integrator, the business application field, the stage leasing area, the E-government field and other fields of application are gathered at the summit.

Conference on Small distance development path, COB, Mini and Micro LED in China's industrialization Roadmap And so on.

Taking the service industry as a mission, the ISLE team discussed and communicated with the entrepreneurs representatives at the meeting (Abison, Cai Yi Da, De Ming Guang, Dongshan precision, Wei Ao Shi Xun, Ming Chang photoelectric and Xinguang Tai). Team meeting The company's expectations for the industry, the outcome of the summit discussions and so on are transformed into ways and policies to guide ISLE's work.Continue to serve good customers, enhance the quality of the exhibition, so that the outcome of the micro summit can continue and expand.

The ISLE team is also active. Participating in the meeting Association leaders, purchasing guests to promote ISLE 2020 And sincerely invite them to visit Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center on 24-27 February next year.