Weigh! New trends in global audio-video integration

2019-05-17 17:46:00 61

In May 17, 2019, " Audio and video smart integration Exhibition (Shenzhen) global press conference and "Guangzhou trade fair Advertising Co., Ltd. and China performing arts equipment association cooperation signing ceremony" The banquet hall on the two floor of Shenzhen Shangri-La hotel was held.

In the field of audio and video integration, nearly 100 people including brand enterprises, professional audio-visual agents, industry design and user units attended the news conference. The conference was supported by Guangdong TV, China economic network, professional audio-visual ProAV China, China digital audio visual network, digital audio visual engineering network, Huicong sound lighting network, Huicong LED screen network, LED screen display world, LED display channel, performing arts science and technology, WORLD SHOW, CA001, today's headlines, big screen display performance list, video and audio and other media support, and broadcast to the global audio-visual system integration field through mainstream media and professional media at home and abroad.

The signing and publishing units are Guangzhou fair advertising company and China Performing Arts Equipment Technology Association.

Guangzhou fair Advertising Co., Ltd., which is directly affiliated to the Ministry of Commerce, China Foreign Trade Center (Group), is one of the earliest professional exhibition service institutions established in China. In the past 30 years, we have been able to meet the needs of the development of the era, continue to explore and innovate, and develop into a "total solution provider of convention and exhibition brand" covering the whole industrial chain. Guangzhou fair Advertising Co., Ltd. has rich global business resources and strong resource integration capabilities. Its ISLE exhibition is the world's leading international platform for large screen display, intelligent advertising logo industry, the whole industry chain, business exchange and cooperation. In 2019, the ISLE exhibition area exceeded one hundred thousand square meters, the audience exceeded 200 thousand people, and more than 8000 International buyers.

The China Performing Arts Equipment Technology Association has been working in the deep tillage industry for 28 years. It has nearly 2000 member units, and brings together outstanding enterprises in the field of performing arts equipment and musical instruments. The experts committee of the association and the local experts employ more than 1000 people. Its brand exhibition PALM EXPO has been successfully held for 27 sessions, which is an influential brand exhibition in the global performing arts equipment industry, and has rich industry resources. The association has undertaken a series of technical standards formulation, national issues and tasks, sponsored "performing arts and technology" magazine, launched and released statistical information and engineering consulting work, and jointly promoted the China Association for performing arts technology to become an authoritative institution and platform in the field of performing arts and equipment.

Two the organizer concentrates on the advantages of resources, and develops and builds the authoritative technology and experience platform on the basis of the original Exhibition on the basis of the original Exhibition - audio and video intelligent integration Exhibition (Shenzhen). 。 The exhibition will be held on February 24, 2020 -27, at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Fuyong new hall).

As the core city of Shenzhen, Hongkong and Macau, Guangdong Province, Hong Kong is the world's most dynamic economic investment hot spot. It has a mature audio-visual product chain and has rich resources advantages. It is suitable for promoting the coordinated development of new industries and building a platform for industrial cooperation and development. In the future, with the development of technology such as intelligence, Internet of things and AI, the boundary of professional audio-visual field will be enlarged indefinitely. "Audio and video intelligent integration Exhibition (Shenzhen)" should be established in such a big environment.

Audio and video smart integration will grow rapidly in the next few years in terms of technology trends and market performance. Its technology includes intelligent building Internet of things, IT and cloud computing, audio development, future display and artificial intelligence. At the same time, audio and video integration solutions will increasingly become packaged modules, and will mainly focus on digital signage, security and monitoring, conferences and collaboration, education, on-site activities, performances and entertainment, and many other areas. Many applications of technology, products and services for audio and video capture, processing, storage and display in different vertical industries will overlap each other. 

Deep tillage industrial cluster, gathering the latest products, technologies and services from the upstream and downstream of the whole industry chain, focusing on the precise docking of the market. The exhibition is the first to launch a large-scale integrated product experience scene, to create a new mode of order + Exhibition + interactive experience, and to lead the new trend of the global industry with a brand-new attitude.At the same time, it will provide the audience with the perfect experience of interaction, sharing, intelligence and practicality.

2020 audio and video smart integration exhibition, big screen display technology exhibition, international advertising logo and LED exhibition. ( ISLE The area is expected to reach 160 thousand square meters, with an audience of about 230000+, and the summit forum and special events will exceed 30. At present, global investment has started and has been actively responded by exhibitors. The theme of the exhibition's audio and video smart integration will fully demonstrate the development of audio and video integration, and explore and experience the smart application of the latest technology.

More information will be released. Thank the industry and the media for their attention and support.