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 Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Centre ShenzhenWorld

  Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Centre ShenzhenWorld  ,  Author Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center

Official announcement

24-27 February 2020

International Exhibition of large screen display technology and Applications (Shenzhen)

Cum country International advertising logo LED Exhibition (Shenzhen)

(referred to as "ISLE")

New pavilion in Shenzhen

Shenzhen International Exhibition Center

Hold ceremoniously


The full name of the exhibition is: International Exhibition of large screen display technology and Applications (Shenzhen) International advertising logo and LED Exhibition (Shenzhen)

Exhibition time: February 24, 2020 -27 days

Exhibition venue: Shenzhen International Exhibition Center

Exhibits category: LED display and matching smart city, smart Park, security monitoring, outdoor advertising screens, pan entertainment, smart retailing, smart campus, smart home.

LED lighting - landscape lighting, light source module, power supply, light bar.Performing arts equipment, outdoor signs, signs, light boxes, engraving equipment, digital inkjet printing, etc.

Sponsor : Guangzhou fair Advertising Co., Ltd., China foreign trade Guangzhou Exhibition Corporation

Scale upgrading

ISLE 2020 the exhibition scale will reach a record high. Expect to exceed Two thousand Exhibitors, Two hundred many Tens of thousands of professional spectators and more than 100 professional media participated in the exhibition.

The exhibition will be held over the same period. Thirty Professional forums and events in the field.

Content upgrading

ISLE 2020 will be fully integrated in an unprecedented large-scale debut. E-government, smart city, stage audio-visual, new retail, intelligent marking and digital printing equipment. The latest technology and application end results. The exhibition is the first to create a large-scale product experience scenario. Order + Exhibition + experience The new model will lead the new trend of the global industry with a brand-new attitude.

Shenzhen International Exhibition Center

Shenzhen International Exhibition Center

It is a major project jointly invested by Shenzhen municipal government and Shekou and overseas Chinese town.

July 2019

This new landmark will show its domineering appearance.

Location superiority

Located in the bay of Tai Wan, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau.

Pearl River Delta geographical center and Guangdong Free Trade Center

Guangfo zhaoshen Wan Hui Zhu Zhongjiang city circle intersection

Prominent location advantages

on a large scale

Carrier class Convention and Exhibition Center

The total area of the first phase of the building 1 million 600 thousand.

One stage indoor exhibition area 400 thousand.

Indoor exhibition area after completion 500 thousand.

Promotion The largest pavilion in the world