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At the time of the promotion of IBC investment in the Netherlands

The ISLE team also sent staff to London, England


Invest in a new promotion and investment

Exhibitor exchange

The PLASA Show is held every year in London. The range of exhibits includes: audio systems and equipment, video conferencing equipment, public broadcasting systems, system integration; professional lighting and technology, laser equipment and technology, lighting systems and equipment, lighting control systems and equipment, Augmented reality or expansion Augmented reality, stage lighting, lighting projection equipment and systems; tour and concert equipment, special effects systems; audiovisual and video equipment, audio control systems and equipment, post-production equipment, display systems and screens . As a large-scale and leading large-screen display and audio and video integration exhibition, ISLE 2020 has a very high degree of compatibility with the PLASA Show in terms of merchant types.

During the exhibition, the ISLE investment promotion team had an in-depth exchange with the exhibitors. They expressed particular concern for the Chinese market . Some companies have entered the Chinese market early through various channels, and some companies have expressed their plans for participation .

Buyer invitation

Among the European buyers who were invited on site, they were very much looking forward to ISL E 's ultra-large-scale and rich audio-visual products , and they especially appreciated the ISLE organizers' vip policy. Many buyers are extremely excited to make an appointment on the spotto purchase .

Related industry association visits

After the meeting, the isle team also visited the previous high-quality merchants, and had a friendly meeting with some local industry associations ,reaching a consensus on mutual cooperation .

ISLE's bigger layout, more heavy news, strong attack

Surprise continues, so stay tuned

February 24-27, 2020

Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Fuyong New Hall)


Big platform, big business opportunities, big future

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