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To build a high-quality exhibition and trade exchange platform 

ISLE grasps every promotion opportunity

This ISLE promotion team will be on September 18-20

Participated in the Mumbai Audiovisual Exhibition in India

Infocomm India

ISLE promotion

Infocomm India is one of the visual and audio exhibitions in India. The main exhibits include: professional audio equipment, professional audio and recording equipment, professional stage lighting effects equipment, multimedia technology, screens,etc.

India is a multi-ethnic and multi-religious country. It holds many festivals, festivals, elections and other large-scale mass events.In the LED display, stage lighting and system integration, there is a huge market demand.

The ISLE promotion team seized the opportunity to introduce ISLE 2020 to the participating professional visitors and foreign exhibitors to convey ISLE 's goals and vision to meet the market needs of the world's cutting-edge professional audiovisual and integrated experience .

Many exhibitors and professional visitors, including import and export traders, agents and distributors of the audio-visual industry, have shown great interest in ISLE. They look forward to finding partners and purchasing their favorite products inFebruary next year .

In addition, the ISLE promotion team also invited the famous professional audio and video associations in India to organize member units and industry insiders to go to ISLE 2020 to visit and purchase .

ISLE's bigger layout, more heavy news, strong attack

Surprise continues, so stay tuned

February 24-27, 2020

Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Fuyong New Hall)


Big platform, big business opportunities, big future

Exhibition information, please pay attention to ISLE official website:


Exhibitor pre-registration has been launched and we look forward to your call:

👤 Miss Chen: 020-8926 8256 (working days)

👤 Miss Liang: 020-8926 8296 (working days)

The appointment registration of the audience has also been opened. Welcome to pay attention to the WeChat public account. For details, please consult:

👤 Miss Bi: 020-8926 8218 (working days)

👤 Mr. Zhang: 020-8926 8292 (working days)

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