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As a crossroad connecting Eurasian

The Turkish market is gradually becoming the new focus

The ISLE promotion team travels to Turkey

Participated in the September 19-22 event

2019 Turkish International Advertising Exhibition

ISLE promotion

The 2019 Turkey International Advertising Sign Exhibition (Sign Istanbul 2019) was held at the Tuyap Exhibition Center in Istanbul. It mainly exhibited advertising equipment, LED displays, signage signs, light boxes, display equipment, textiles and screen printing products.

Crossing Europe and Asia, adjacent to the Middle East and North Africa, Turkey has a superior geographical position and huge market potential. Moreover, according to survey data, more than 60% of the Turkish advertising logo and LED industry products rely on imports, and China is its third largest trade partner .

The ISLE promotion representative went deep into the exhibition site and introduced to the local large-scale agents and buyers the ISLE 2020's large exhibition scale, unique location advantages, professional merchants, strong communication atmosphere and past exhibitions. The advertising logo, digital printing and advertising equipment exhibition area can effectively meet their purchasing needs and bring a high-quality exhibition experience . Many agents and buyers know very much, and decided to organize a group trip to Shenzhen, China to feel the special charm of ISLE 2020.

ISLE's bigger layout, more heavy news, strong attack

Surprise continues, so stay tuned

February 24-27, 2020

Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Fuyong New Hall)


Big platform, big business opportunities, big future

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