Someone @ you, ISLE domestic promotion - Guangzhou

2019-06-24 18:21:00 130

On the 20-22 day of June, the Third International Logistics Innovation Exhibition and the seventh China Asia Pacific International Logistics exchange and cooperation development conference were held in Guangzhou Baiyun International Conference Center.The ISLE promotion team was invited to participate in the promotion of T43/45.

Based on the policy of "one belt and one road" (Guangdong, Jiangsu, Anhui, Jiangxi, four provinces - China Australia logistics corridor, Kawa Takahiro Hongkong Macau - South Asia international logistics corridor) and Guangdong Bay Hong Kong Macau Bay area policy, we must promote regional economic development. This logistics innovation exhibition brings together the famous government and business units of famous ports, logistics parks and science parks at home and abroad. : Norweizhou, GermanyGuangdong, Government delegations of Guangxi, Sichuan, Shandong, Yunnan, Guizhou and Xinjiang; China Merchants port group Djibouti, Hanban toto, Sri Lanka, Vientiane of Laos and PLoS China all participated in the event.

It is understood that Logistics park and free trade zone There is a huge demand for infrastructure construction. New and intelligent solutions are urgently needed to provide strong support for the development of the parks and free trade zones.

This promotion enables domestic and foreign logistics parks and free-trade operators to get to know the ISLE project, a world-renowned large screen, audio and video system integration and advertising logo trade and exchange platform. A number of logistics parks and FTA have also worked with ISLE organizers. They will organize professional procurement teams to visit and purchase 2020 ISLE.

Let's look forward to ISLE 2020 and more. Port, logistics park, Science Park Mutual docking, sharing new opportunities for development!